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"We are happy to announce that the Hotel Village TUDOBOM property was selected to receive the Certificate of Excellence 2016, reflecting the very positive reviews obtained on TripAdvisor.”

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The typical jancadas never return empty-handed from fishing. The fish is always fresh and plentiful. Cuisine proposals of TudoBom draw from local recipes with some original change suggested by the creativity of the Italian chef, meriting the approval and praise of even the most intransigent cearanian gourmand. Here then a must of Sundays  in the summer season  (we are below the equator): the Peixada. It ' s a complicated preparation where enter among other things the sirigado – a nice tender big fish  - onion, bell pepper, garlic, potatoes, coconut milk, parsley, tomatoes, olive oil, eggs, chuchu - sort of zucchini. The chef Alessandro Barbieri interprets Peixada of Cearà with the lightness and elegance of italian seafood, and the result wows every guest!