Kite Surf

The top of Kite surf

It 's always a good time for kiters. Uruaù offers various contexts suitable for each level, from beginner to pro-rider, especially for kite lovers. Who is not afraid of some gust find great satisfaction in the freshwater lake 5 minutes by buggy from the village. Debutantes and freestylers have at their disposal the flat and shallow lagoon sheltered from the beach. For all the open sea, huge spaces and endless coastline looking for the more dynamic and exciting waves.
Kitesurf in Uruaú

Situated between the dunes and the famous lagoon, Uruaù is also a great spot for kite surfing. Here you can surf on the flat lagoon dragged by the wind - an excellent gym for free style evolutions - or engage in the adrenalinic waves of the ocean. Thanks to the conditions of different spots, Uruaú is suitable for kiters of all levels. The beach seems endless and there is a lot of space on the ground and even in water. At about 5 minutes buggy is a freshwater lake in the dunes, with a little bit gusty wind. An ideal place for beginners and freestylers. But it’s easy to meet highest world level kiters training in this place too. In Uruaù there are several kite centers along the beach.

The wind, prerogative of Uruaù, never fails to blows with varying intensity from 15 to 20 knots every day from August to September.  Then it climbs even up to 30 knots between October, November and December,  decreasing  later in Genuary.