Uruaù, the church, some shops and small restaurants. The village is surrounded by the sandy dunes, among very pure water pools reflecting the homonym lake, the biggest sweet water pool in Ceará.

A habitat where many animal species live: the wild cat, the possum, the fox and many types of fish.

This little fishing village has wide white beaches, where you can get lost while you are walking.

Driving the famous buggies to join the most hidden places enjoy an unforgettable bath in the hot ocean or in sweet waters and then have an exciting climb on the dunes.

A loved destination for kite surfers thanks t the perfect conditions  that each wind lover dreams about. It guarantees a perfect spot flat, particularly from August to December.

It’s ideal for each competitive and technical  level, surfing the sea, the internal lagoon or the lake, a few minutes from the village. A  very nice alternative for the simple places where you can taste the typical dishes such as fresh fish, prawns, lobsters and crabs.

Uruaú is an uncontaminated place to be enjoyed. But it’s also the right place to start discovering a beautiful and attractive land.