Morro Branco

The beach, the ocean and the huge horizons. From Uruaú to north you get to Praia das Fontes and Morro Branco by buggy. The first one is a colourful beach with various sweet water springs scarring the rocks and creating showers and natural caves, as the Acucena one that you can join thanks to the low tides only.

Morro Branco, named the Brazilian Grand Canyon, is a national heritage, a tourist’s destination from all over the world and after climbing on it you can see a huge horizon and  your heart and mind are in peace.

From here you can go down to the water edge through an enchanted natural labyrinth, where you can see twelve different  colour shades from red to orange, to yellow, to white. They are created by the wind, the sun and the water since a very longtime and still go on graving this never ended monument. In the small village there are stalls with typical products and drinks. The artistic compositions in bottles with natural coloured sand are remarkable. You can rent a chauffeur driven buggy to get there from  the hotel.