Ponta Grossa

From Canoa Quebrada you reach Ponta Grossa, the extreme offshoot of Ceará, a riot of natural pools formed by the tide. Ponta Grossa is a small fishers village in the south, 200 km from Fortaleza. The dunes exceeds 50 meters in height. When the sea retreats sheets of water are formed, with a rare and special ecosystem. Along the route you find the beaches of Majorlandia, Quixaba, Lagoa do Mato and Retirinho. Before Punta Grossa do not miss a stop at the Garganta do Diablo, a narrow gorge cut into the rock; get off the buggy and venture into the narrow corridor hollowed from the water with a millennia work, for an incredible feeling. Lunch at the restaurant in the middle of the clearing, which dispenses lobsters and fresh fish. We can organize cooking show open air for filleting the robalo, the wild large size seabass: spectacular to see, fantastic to eat.