Palmeira & Canto Verde

Looking south you go through the hinterland leaving the coast for a minute, the landscape and the people lifestyle change. Small fazendas communities live in a simple way, growing manioca,  coconut palms, cajueiro (the cashew tree) and beans. Long   unpaved roads cut in half the huge estates, some of which belong to the fazenderos. The community in Palmera lives around the small church, the school and the stocked up market. Meeting people and enjoying their sincere hospitality you can understand the people’s dignity together with their curiosity for foreigners.

Let’s go back to the coast towards Prainha do Canto Verde. You don’t arrive here by chance.  Here fishing  is passed down from generation to generation. 250 people live in the village and they all belong the enlarged family, and life is ruled by the tides time. A hidden place protected behind by the coast with very high dunes, and in front by an emerald ocean with very hot water. Life goes on quietly among fishing days and siestas, healthy food and the sea: you can see that in the local people’s eyes!

Small “jangadas” get into the sea and come back a few days later. At night the fishermen sleep under the boats benches to protect from the cold, from the wind and from the waves. But one of them must be awake all night long; there’s a gas lamp lit all night to avoid crashing into other boats.

Car or van excursions organized by the hotel.