Barra Nova

The Barra Nova beach is at the mouth of Rio Choro’ and thanks to the tides its landscape is always different: from here the name , a place with wonderful colours ,  water lagoons and very little sandy spots. Here the buggies are ferried on manually pushed barges. Sliding along quietly on the internal waters on the cars is a nice emotion! But also floating with the current in the lagoon between the ocean and the beach. The sweet and salty meeting create wonderfully coloured and always new bands.

If you pass through the palms and mangroves forest and go up the dunes you will be surprised by the beaches  view at the sunset , that remind of a film scenic design.

To relax and enjoy the day why don’t you stop under the many shadowy baracas on the beach? Those nice bars offer local traditional dishes: grilled and fried fish, lobsters and frozen cerveza .

This is a paradise for kiters,  where to fly between the sky and the sea.