Canoa Quebrada

Among the many beautiful things, a place not to miss is Canoa Quebrada, about 50 kilometers south of Uruaù. This charming fishing village was discovered by the hippies in the seventies, when they roamed in search of places where concretize the ideal of peace, love and freedom in the midst of a beautiful and pleasant nature.Still today it exudes a relaxed air, a friendly atmosphere of cordiality, although over time it has become a well-known and popular tourist destination. The village lies on a rocky hill overlooking the beautiful beach, with several colorful barracas full of reggae music, great seafood, beer and caipirinha. Have a stop for lunch, a swim and a few hours of relaxation offers unforgettable moments, and a brief immersion in an age of utopic happiness. In the village there are some small shops selling handicrafts and very nice jewelry, product by the last flowers’ children or, more often, by their descendants.