By buggy

Do you know the buggy, the pleasant open car? Here there are thousands, of all colors, beautiful and kept with utmost care by drivers credenciados  who skilfully take you along the beautiful beaches to discover the many natural beauties. Among the most famous destinations Morro Branco, with multicolored cliffs, an enchanted place with paths between rocks red and white, in a maze sloping down to the sea. And then Praia das Fontes, Barra Nova and down, to reach Ponta Grossa the extreme offshoot of the state, a riot of natural pools formed by the tide. About Tide: thanks to the moments of dry you can reach otherwise inaccessible places, and times shall be strictly observed. Before Ponta Grossa not miss a stop at the Garganta do Diablo, a narrow gorge cut into the rock, and further on, the uphill walk on the beautiful dunes, to dominate the horizon. Lunch takes place at the restaurant in the middle of the clearing; it dispenses lobsters and fresh fish; and if you carry with you the chef, you can watch a cooking show open air for filleting the robalo (the seabass), and the subsequent marinating: spectacular to see, fantastic to eat! Excursions organized by the hotel by buggy or car + buggy for the whole day or half day, individual or group.